The July meeting minutes are posted on the website.

We continue to find ourselves in a history making situation and thanks to everyone for recognizing the importance of social distancing while still remaining friendly and neighborly to each other. Please keep wearing those masks!!

Mail Issues!!

If you have a mailbox or delivery issues, please call the Mill Creek USPS at (425) 379-8698 and ask for a supervisor. If someone else’s mail is delivered to your mailbox, they will pick it up from you and deliver it to the correct place. Do not put it on the outgoing mailbox with a note. Insist they pick up the piece and leave it by your front door. You do not need to wait for them.

If a parcel box cannot be opened, call and let them know. The USPS needs to know about these ongoing issues so they can fix them. We are responsible for the locks on our unit mailbox but USPA is responsible for the large parcel boxes.

Maintenance Requests vs. Compliance Requests

If you have any issues with something in your unit and it is not your responsibility, please submit your maintenance request via AppFolio on the NWMG website https://northwestmanagement.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in under “Maintenance”. If you have any question about your responsibility, please review Exhibit D or the CC&Rs or send an email to any Board member.

If you have a project you wish to do, either inside or outside your unit, you must submit a compliance request using the same website access above but under “Compliance”

Important Notice about being a Good Neighbor

As the temperatures rise outside, please don’t let the temperature of your personal being be raised because of a neighbor’s action (or inaction). We are all outside more and doing more. With that in mind, smells from outside cooking, smoking and pet activity along with noise and light are all aspects of Copper Tree life that are shared by your neighbors. Please take this into consideration when using your outside spaces. Pet owners, a special request to remove and put in sealed containers, your pet’s waste. You may be used to the smell but many of your neighbor’s are not.

Copper Tree Homeowners Association

The community of Copper Tree was established in 1980 as a Condominium Association with construction continuing through 1984. Situated near the Mill Creek Country Club, Copper Tree  is composed of 42 townhome and duplex style units all of which share a common wall with either a single neighbor (end units) or two neighbors (middle units). No units are above or below other units which distinguishes us from typical condominium developments. While some homes have similar floor plans, all have unique features that set them apart from their neighbors.

In addition, Copper Tree encompasses a private cul-de-sac street, private and public access to the Mill Creek Community’s Nature Preserve and greenbelt areas. Security is enhanced with only a single access drive which is monitored by security cameras from Village Green Drive.

Copper Tree Homeowners Association Board of Directors

The Copper Tree Homeowner’s Association (HOA) was incorporated as a non-profit common interest community in  October 1980. The Association’s By Laws and the Declaration and Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservations (CCRs) were revised in March 2019 (Documents can be found under “Documents). Copper Tree’s Board of Directors are responsible for governing the community and ensuring that all properties are well maintained.

The Copper Tree Community Association is a sub-association of the Mill Creek Community Association (MCCA). As such, Copper Tree homeowners are also full voting members of MCCA and subject to the provisions in their governing documents.

Mill Creek Community Association

The Mill Creek Community Association is comprised of over thirty separate divisions consisting of single-family homes, town homes, condominiums, and apartments in the City of Mill Creek. The membership of MCCA is about 10,000 people – over half the population of the City of Mill Creek. The Association owns and maintains over 160 acres of common areas, including a large nature preserve, playgrounds, and parks, complete with trails, sidewalks, and paths. For more information, please link to MCCA’s website http://mcca.info/