As a Homeowner in the Copper Tree Homeowner’s Association there are a number of documents that govern us as a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). In addition, there are several federal, state and local government agencies that create and enforce laws that are applicable to us both as a non-profit corporation and as a Homeowner’s Association.

All Board Meetings and the Annual Meeting are open to all Homeowners and participation in all meetings is encouraged.

Hierarchy of Documents

Common interest communities (e.g., HOA’s) have a number of documents that control the administration of the community. Not all documents are created equal – some have more authority than others. The hierarchy of authority is:

  1. Washington State Law (unless the particular statute defers to the HOA’s governing documents)
  2. Recorded map/plan/plat
  3. Recorded Declaration and Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservations (CCRs)
  4. Articles of Incorporation
  5. Recorded By Laws
  6. Rules & Regulations
  7. Homeowner’s Guide(s)


The Copper Tree Board encourages Homeowner participation in all committees. There is no restriction on the number of committees in which a member can participate.

The current committees (and the respective chairs) are:

  • Budget (Lou Fills)- responsible for establishing the budget for the Association. May also act as the auditing committee at the request of the Board.
  • Architectural Control (Liz Hollerman)- )- reviews and approves all requests for external Homeowner modifications, additions and cosmetic enhancements. Committee also sets the standards for the Association regarding external appearances and conformity with CC&Rs and MCCA rules.
  • Landscape (Duane Hopper)- Manages the maintenance and improvements to the Copper Tree common area landscaping and irrigation systems
  • Social (Trudy Lane and Roxanne Bliss)- Plans and manages all community social activities
  • Technical (Kira Hollerman)- assists homeowners in limited technical support regarding computer relate issues. Also support the Board with technical aspects of the security cameras and the maintenance of the website.
  • Website (Mike Zachary)- maintains and updates the website.
  • Painting Committee (Lou Fillis)

Other committees or working groups may be established by the Board as the need arises.

Architectural Controls

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) establishes and regulates the adherence to the CCRs for all modifications, alterations, enhancements, improvements or replacement of unit structural (includes electrical and mechanical components) and all exterior cosmetics (including windows, doors and porches/decks). The Architectural Committee works together to ensure that all homeowners maintain their property to reflect a “high pride of ownership” through consistent construction, improvements, maintenance and replacements. Homeowners benefit by having a community that has a neat and attractive appearance that is enjoyable to look at and live in, maintains or increases property values, is attractive to potential buyers, and where no individual homeowner can detract from our community.

Liz Hollerman, Chair

Roxanne Bliss

Doug Beyerlein

Barry Von Moos

Mike Zachary

All significant changes to a home’s exterior require written approval from both the Copper Tree Architectural Committee and the MCCA Architectural Control Committee. In addition, permits may be required from the City of Mill Creek. The correct form can obtained for each of these types of changes on

In addition, the ACC is responsible for all exterior building and fence painting color schemes for Copper Tree. The ACC will also act as the Association’s “inspector” for construction and maintenance projects performed on behalf of the association and will perform semi-annual “walk throughs” to inspect or review condition of association infrastructure and assets (siding, railings, membranes, walkways, etc.)

Governance Documents